The Isle of Dread


Ah the classic X1. Do I really need to say anything about it that hasn't been said? No probably not. I'm about to start running this with my group, so if you, the reader, happen to be one of them, please stop reading this, and here are the changes I plan on making. Have any suggestions? Feel free to comment, I won't say no to your ideas/criticisms.

What I'm adding/removing

The biggest addition to the Isle of Dread is content from the Savage Coast; the two books share quite a bit in common in terms of creatures like aranea, rakastas, phantatons, etc, and both heavily focus on the exploration factor. I didn't add all of Savage Coast in, notably ignoring all the bits with tortles, and instead just taking some of the minor encounters along the river with all the gold harvesting. This is big because the other thing I added to Isle of Dread was a story - aka I'm ripping off Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness. The Cult of Evil Chaos (the same as the one in Keep on the Borderlands) has perverted the mind of a tactical genius in the Forces of Law. He's now an insane terrorist who has made himself a god to the local cannibals. Back to the river of gold, this is now the Mekong River. The entire south-western peninsula is the vietnam war now, complete with booby traps, shamans who can deliver napalm strikes, and maybe I'll find a way to include helicopters.

The PCs are hired by the Forces of Law, who now have bases in the southern settlements, to become Martin Sheen and kill General Roderick Poe, fromer Royal Dragoon Gryphon Corps. I'll probably also add in a halfling called Dennis Hobbit, man.

Other than that, I've added a teleporting system with each node being unlocked once you discover it (also makes an easy piece of treasure when you roll 'treasure map' - just have a map that leads to a new node), and a haunted pirate ship full of lost souls that the PCs can battle and then commandeer for themselves assuming they defeat their captain, the vile primate-pirate, Davy Jones.

I'm also removing phanatons because I think they're dumb.

The Dinosaur encounters will likely feature my custom Dragosaurs instead of normal dinosaurs (rules for these dudes are found a few posts down. Check 'em out)

My Key

Legend IoD=Isle of Dread, SC=Savage Coast, N=New. The number that follows will be the key number in the original module or the page number in some cases.

1 IoD1 Tanaroa

2 IoD2 Jaws from the Deep

3 IoD3 Lair of the Sea Snakes

4 IoD4 Random Encounter

5 IoD5 Caves of the Rock Baboons

6 IoD6 Lair of the Giant Squid

7 IoD7 Pirate Camp

8 IoD8 Hippogriff Nest (I'm including some clues about the general's path to darkness here as he was once gryphon cav)

9 IoD9 Rakasta Camp

10 SCp7 Dream River

11 IoD11 Lair of the Lizardmen

12 IoD12 Neanderthal Lair

13 IoD13 Aerie of the Gargoyles

14 IoD14 Aranea Lair

15 IoD15 Pteranodon Terror

16 IoD16 Roc's Roost

17 IoD17 Dimetrodon Peril

18 IoD18 Ogre's Lair

19 IoD19 Deranged Anklyosaurus

20 IoD20 Abode of the Green Dragon

21 IoD21 Lair of the Wretched Troglodytes

22 IoD22 Plesiosaur Menace

23 IoD23 Random Encounter

24 IoD24 Sea Dragon

25 SC2 Native Village

26 SC8 Gold Camp

27 SC10 Forbidden River OUtpost

28 SC12 Gold Camp

29 SC14 Lost City of Risilvar

30 SC15 Cay-men Compound

31 SC16 Seaview Outpost

32 SCp11 The White Beast

33-38 N Teleportals

39 N Davy Jone's Primate-Poltergeist Pirate Ship


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